About Us

We started Scrubber with one single philosophy - that eco-friendly, natural skincare shouldn’t cost the Earth (excuse the pun). We’re tired of ethical shopping being treated as the pricey alternative to the mainstream - we believe that it should be the mainstream.

We don't think that ethical consumers should have to pay a premium for minimizing their impact on the Earth. By making effective, affordable and plastic free products that rival anything you’d find on a supermarket shelf, Scrubber is here to make that shift a reality.


Our Story

Scrubber is owned and operated by us, Siu-see & Scott.

We initially started making our own personal care products close to 6 years ago, when we were broke graduates who struggled to find natural and plastic free options that we could afford.

Over the years, we continued to refine our formulas and give them away as presents to friends and family (converting almost all of them to natural deodorants along the way!)

We started Scrubber because we not only believe that our products are more effective than any others on the market, but because we wanted to introduce a more affordable option that is more accessible to all.

We really want Earth saving products to be for everyone, not just the people that can afford to pay the premium.